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Jam sandwiched!

We at the Jam team put together small titles and prototypes. They are small, quick simple builds. It's a nice break from all that heavy duty stuff. Some ideas might not work, then again it might be one of those games where you just have to have one more go and before you know it your tea has gone cold! It doesn't really matter it's just a bit of fun!

Can you Flip it?

November 06, 2015

Aaahhhh! The joy when a concept comes together! Flip it! The idea evolved from a previous concept. Tap the tiles to 'flip' them over and fill the grid with color! It's more of a more of a 'thinking' game than our previous ideas. you can take your time and drop in and out! There are a couple of nice features in this one. The sheer amount of levels is literally infinite and everyone will play the same levels in an order so there will be no levels that are easier the more you progress, everyone will run in to the same brain straining puzzles at the same time, which is pretty cool! Just take your time on this one, enjoy! How far you can Flip iT!c

Not Every Idea Quite Works

October 18, 2015

Not all prototypes go from your mind to the small screen with complete success! A little idea we had the other day was one of those! In theory the idea was pretty solid you have a color, you have to match the color (like pairs) but the twist was that each color you had to match had an arrow pointing a certain direction on it. The object of the game was to swipe in the direction of the arrow on the matching color not the color with the arrow on! There would be a timer that constantly counted down, you would receive time if you got it right and lose time if you got the color or swiped the wrong direction.

Unfortunatly the prototype did have the excitment or any level of difficulty!! There's an idea there but we are not quite sure what it is?

But thats the beauty of the jam it was only something put together during our lunch break, so we move on to the next! We might look back on it at some point if any one has a light bulb moment and we can can turn it in to something challenging but for now, it rests in the bottom draw awaiting that moment!

How much fun can a square be?

October 11, 2015

The first of project out the 'Jam'! It seems that this months theme is a square...? The idea was a simple one. A square and 3 colors! Just match up the colors to the boxes to score a point. The more points you get the faster the game gets. It's one of those that's annoyingly addictive games , cause you know you can do better this time...

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