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Club Soccer Director Announced


Director of Football game coming soon to mobiles and tablets.


London, UK – 18th February 2016 - Go Games, a leading developer of digital mobile and tablet video games, is proud to announce Club Soccer Director will be released later in the year for mobile and tablet formats.


The game has been designed by CEO Jim Scott who previously developed and published several football manager games in the 1990’s and who also is a fully qualified football coach.


“Being a huge football fan, and a coach currently working at a professional club, I knew someday I would design and develop a football (soccer) management game using my experiences as a coach and how a club runs” commented Jim Scott


“There are plenty of football (soccer) management games out on the market and a lot of them follow a similar formula, yet there’s a lot of detail that gets missed and a lot that goes into making a club successful that doesn’t seem to be in a lot of these games”. Added Jim Scott


“Using my experience as a coach and my working knowledge of professional football (soccer) club, we will develop a football game that closely follows how a real football club is run, and the challenges that the club faces.” Said Jim Scott


Club Soccer Director is about your career as a Director of Football. Get hired, agree the philosophy at the club with the board and make it happen.



As the Director of Football you are the go between the board and the manager.


You are responsible for hiring and firing the staff including the manager and all his backroom staff, you have full control over transfers and player recruitment, the commercial management of the club, and the development of the clubs facilities.


Your role in Club Soccer Director is a balancing act, can you keep the manager, players and the staff happy whilst carrying out the philosophy of the club? What about the fans and the members of the press, can you handle these important stakeholders?


What if results on the pitch are not going well? What if the manager is not playing your latest signing?


Will you interfere with the managers decisions or sit back and let him do the job you hired him for?


Club Soccer Director is the toughest job in football, do you have what it takes to be a success?


Please visit our development blog for more details and announcements about the game and posts regarding other football issues. We would love to hear your comments about our game, and what you would like to see in the game.


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