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Stop the Stink

‘Stop The Stink!’ takes the world of the Slash game and takes it to a whole new level of gameplay, addictiveness and fun! Explore faraway lands, slice your way through this exhilarating colorful world full of fun...and stinks!


Save the world from the 'Stinks' with a little help from your friends and the 'Sugar Puff Stink'. Hold your breath and jump in!

Screen Shots and Videos (Beta)

After the junk yard catastrophe deadly 'Stinks' have spread across the globe causing havoc and mayhem. You must travel the world and contain these mischievous smells before the planet is brought to its knees!


Not all the 'Stinks' are bad! There is one that has come to your aid. The 'Sugar Puff Stink' will provide you with an odd but effective arsenal!


Stink bombs and Frost Bites are just a few of the weapons you can acquire. The 'Sugar Puff Stink' will help you as much she can, but it is down to your skill, speed and holding your nerve to 'slice, dice and capture' the 'Stinks'!


Jump in to this engaging colorful world and travel through 'loads' of stunningly smelly lands. Experience a world brimming with fun and character!


Ask your friends for help, goes nuts with your crazy arsenal and master the art of the perfect slice!


Put your slashing skills to the test and 'Stop the Stink' before its too late!


Story Trailer

Gas masks on....

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