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Super Jump Boy Adventures

Introducing Super Jump Boy Adventures! Guide Jump Boy through a world of hazardous traps and fiendish monsters. Help Jump boy collect all the fallen stars to help him escape this perilous world! With the difficultly ramped up to max, this game will challenge even the toughest of players!

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Jump Around...


Set in a pixelated world Jump Boy must gather fallen stars from four treacherous lands as quickly as possible avoiding deadly buzz saws, angry ogres and disgruntled squirrels.


With forty perilous levels for Jump Boy to clear, this will be no easy feat! With Jump Boy always on the run, jumps must be timed, ledges must be hung off waiting for the right moment to charge and walls must be slide down to slip past a skeleton on the hunt!


Along the way Jump boy can hit achievements unlocking a large cast of friends who ready to give Jump Boy a break and take over the action.


Put your reactions to the test and help Jump boy with his quest before its too late!


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