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Stuntman Eddie: Motorbike Daredevil

Get on your bike and perform some amazing stunts, tricks and daredevil jumps with Stuntman Eddie: Motorbike Daredevil!

Challenge friends to a Stadium 'stunt off' to see who is the greatest stuntman!

Get instant replays of your amazing jumps and share them via Facebook, YouTube and Twitter!

Screen Shots and Videos

Start your engines...

Gameplay Trailer

Rev up and start jumping cars, trucks and buses before progressing and performing even more daring jumps across canyons, city rooftops, shark infested waters and more!


Skill and timing is of the essence as you manoeuvre through rings of fire, panes of glass, over helicopters and perform mid-air stunts such as the Coffin, Superman and the amazing Whirlwind before nailing that perfect landing to maximise your score!

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